Discover a near Perfect Fit for Your old APAC Footprint or R22 Phase Out

Your existing APAC rooftop unit may soon need to be replaced either because it’s reaching the end of its operating life or because of the impending R22 phase out. The question is: how can you quickly and easily replace these popular units with an equally dependable system, which is far more cost-efficient?

The answer is Specialized Engineering’s commercial and industrial range which includes models, from 12-kilowatt to 95-kilowatt capacity. We manufacture a range of units that are a near perfect fit for most APAC units capacity, footprint, ductwork, controls and power supply. Take a look at our cross reference chart, which gives a direct replacement equivalent for most existing APAC models in our downloadable product brochure. Furthermore, Specialized Engineering is competitively priced, and in most packed unit cases, blanking plates can be supplied with the new unit to match the old APAC unit duct connects. Old units can be swapped over with the new one within 4 hours.

Product Features

  • Side by Side Duct Connections
  • 012 to 095kW
  • MEPS Compliant & Registered
  • Scroll Compressors
  • EC Plug Fans +500pa ESP
  • Speed Controlled Axial Fans for Lower Noise
  • Coil Anti-corrosion Protection